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Clever Solutions Co.

Clever Solutions Co (CSC) is a Saudi Arabia-based IT Operation Management (ITOM) company. Founded in 2014, CSC is a leading provider of specialized solutions in the region, excelling in Observability and AIOps. We Operate with four main pillars in mind: quality, professionalism, innovation, and commitment.

CSC provides IT teams with the tools and techniques needed to achieve continuous improvement in their operations. Our suite of products and services helps companies identify risks quickly and accurately, optimize performance, automate manual tasks, and reduce downtime. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience, offering personalized solutions tailored to their needs.


Our Business Ethics

CSC is a conscientious company that takes pride in all its business dealings. 
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We strive to deliver outstanding results and a positive experience for our clients through achieving mutual goals and objectives.

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We exemplify the highest ethical standards, led by honesty, fairness, and dignity in every service we offer to our clients.

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We take meeting our client’s expectations and our commitments very seriously, and sharing the responsibility of any project with our clients is a success factor for us.

Why CSC?

If you are looking for innovative out-of-the-box IT Operation Management (ITOM) to make your business stand out, we are your best choice. CSC provides various products and services that equip clients with the ability to control their whole IT infrastructure.

Our goal is always to empower organizations with the best solutions to grow their business, overwhelm their competitors, and stay at the forefront, which has helped us make success stories for many companies.


IT Management 

a. Network Management

i. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
ii. Network Observability
iii. Packet Analysis
iv. Flow Technology Analysis (NetFlow, S-Flow, J-Flow, etc.)
v. NetFlow Analysis
vi. Configuration Management
vii. Logs Management and Analysis

b. Infrastructure Management

i. Server Monitoring
ii. Server Configuration Monitoring
iii. OS Monitoring
iv. Virtual Monitoring
v. Storage Monitoring

c. Database Management

i. Database Performance Monitoring

d. Application management

i.    Application Performance Monitoring (APM) 
ii.    Business Transaction Monitoring (BTM)
iii.    Real User Monitoring (RUM)

e. Observability

f. Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions.

Our Clients

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