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Intelligent Cybersecurity,Unified and Easy to Use



Email Security

Great email security made easy.

Heimdal™ Email Security will keep your inboxes clean and lean.

Eliminate the hassle and danger of churning out spam emails and allow your employees to just focus on the work that matters.
Step up now and stop spam and email malware.
We’re here to help.

Over 55% of all incoming emails are spam, seeping your attention away from the legitimate ones.


But beyond the wasted time, spam emails are also dangerous.

Heimdal™ Email Security uses an entire array of technologies to detect and block spam, malware and ransomware threats before they compromise your IT system through malicious emails.

Compatible with our advanced technology for combating fraud. The advanced spam and malware filter Heimdal™ Email Security is also compatible with Heimdal™ Email Fraud Prevention, a module especially designed to combat the growing threat of Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Spam emails are today a growing threat:

They flood inboxes, diminish productivity and bring a host of cybersecurity dangers like malware, ransomware or phishing. A professional spam and malware filter keeps all that safely away.


Heimdal™ Email Security is the professional spam and email malware filter solution that corporate environments can now rely on. The multiple analysis vectors apply technological expertise to scan for al possible cues and seamlessly filter spam out of your organization’s inboxes.


E-PDR & Microsoft E5

Easy Integration with your existing business processes and alongside Microsoft E5.


Microsoft E5 provides a broad variety of valuable capabilities that can fit any business scenario.

How Heimdal™ fills in potentially uncovered gaps in Microsoft’s offering.


Capabilities including communication, collaboration, analytics, security, compliance, and more. Nevertheless, although Microsoft natively adds protection features to its products, they are sometimes not as powerful or as effective as those offered by third-parties. Not addressing these crucial capability gaps can become problematic for organizations forced to deal with today’s ever-growing number of sophisticated cyber threats.
While Microsoft does offer great capabilities in many ways, it does not generally supply users with tools that surpass basic security standards. Heimdal™ adds additional essential security layers that don’t just simply coexist with your existing Microsoft setup, but also work in conjunction.

Over and above standard security solutions.
Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft E5.

  • Prevent threats before they start.

  • Detect and respond to threats and stop outbreaks.

  • Defend brand image and users

  • Comply: Manage user rights and access



Managed eXtended
Detection & Response

Your security, skillfully managed by our renowned security experts.

Heimdal™’s Managed XDR Security
raises the bar in MDR and XDR,
ensuring first-rate threat discovery
and mitigation.

Powered by AI-driven analysis.
Complemented by human expertise.

Environment Security. Outsourcing Simplified.

Building on the stellar performance of our E-PDR suite, we have expanded our award-winning model to managed XDR, combining and connecting telemetry from various channels.
Thanks to Heimdal™’s eXtended Detection and response, you will trade fragmented tools and data for a consolidated, cohesive approach, all with a seamless user experience.
Heimdal™ tracks and addresses emerging threats that could otherwise be overlooked by traditional security solutions. It uses a structured mix of network and endpoint monitoring, behavioral analysis, Machine Learning tools, and threat intelligence.

Empower your cybersecurity defenses.

Combine the best of managed services and the capabilities of a true XDR (Extended Detection and Reponse) suite for a super-charged solution that looks after your defenses.

XDR acts as a central hub for security intelligence, gathering and dynamically comparing information across different sources (endpoints, networks, emails, cloud workloads) to detect threats more quickly and boost response times.
Building on the stellar performance of our E-PDR suite, we have expanded our award-winning model to managed XDR, combining and connecting telemetry from various channels.

Heimdal™’s Managed XDR services intervene to fill the expertise and human resources void.


Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus

Cyber threats are no longer the activity of rogue hackers.

That is why you need true cyber resilience.

The WannaCry ransomware attack was the worst cyber incident in history, with over 200,000 endpoints encrypted, across 150 countries, and damages of up to $5 billion.
It changed the world, for the worse. And it changed how you should approach the security of your enterprise. Rogue hackers stopped being the biggest threat a long time ago. State-sponsored attacks deployed with a scorched-earth policy are now a major security concern, as your business can be caught in the crossfire.


The biggest barrier to that?

“Lack of investment in new cybersecurity technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning,” say 60% of IT professionals. - Ponemon Institute

Enter Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus, the cost-effective detection and remediation solution

Local File/Signature & Registry scanning

Using real-time low-impact in-memory file and signature scanning, alongside active registry change scanning, Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus provides the leading edge, code-based detection and mitigation.

Real-time Cloud Scanning

Any unknown file and potential threat found will be sent to our cloud for extra scanning. Through 1.000 CPU cores using enhanced machine learning detection algorithms, detection gains a new dimension.

Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection
Every file in your organization should be impeccable, just like Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus’s detection rate. If scanned files do not appear as malware, they will be isolated in our sandboxing system and examined for malicious behavior. If they try to contact Command and Control servers, that malicious communication will be stopped at its roots.

Process and Behavior-Based Scanning

This next-gen Antivirus has the ability to detect code changes at all levels.
Once files start to execute, Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus will monitor processes and process chances with Heuristic, behavior-based engines powered by AI.



Privileged Access Management
& Application Control

The new Heimdal™ Privileges and Application Control module is the simplest app and privilege control suite to use, but also the only one on the market to support both Black and Whitelisting for apps in tandem with PAM and de-elevation of rights in unison with our Threat Prevention and Antivirus.

The Privileges and Application Control line of products is an innovative module offered by Heimdal™.

Remove permanent rights, give access to temporary elevation and application execution, when users need it – and be NIST AC-1,6 compliant.
Protect your network and endpoints with a revolutionary approach to both PAM and Application Control.

HeimdalTM Privileged Access Management and Application Control

The Privileges and Application Control line-up effectively secures the three major areas of your IT access infrastructure, ensuring everything works smoothly and threats are kept away: Management of privileges, App control and Auditing.
The auditing functionality is granular and essential for data protection compliance, supporting a full audit trail of Allowed Executions, Blocked Executions and Passive Mode monitored executions, with a 90-day retention for all logs.


Management features:

  • Allow or Block requests for escalations in one click;

  • Easy to enable Passive Mode for system indexing;

  • Easy to enable Auto-approval flow with rules defined and automaticde-escalation on threat;

  • Rule based system easy to control anddefine by the admin(s);

  • Define individual rights per AD group.

  • Allow or Block execution of apps based on File Path, MD5, Publisher, Certificate or Software Name criteria;

  • Ability to use the historic executions history for all future Allow and Block decisions;

  • See what users have executed applications in Passive, Allowed or Blocked mode;

  • Filter your views of the logs as you wish,by user, by apps requested and so on;

  • 90 Days Data retention for all logs.

Secures against intentional or non-intentional
insider threat

Insider threat and system infiltration by external attackers are a growing threat for organizations of all sizes. The Zero Trust Principle and limiting admin rights across IT infrastructures have become the only avenue for safety, but without a professional PAM tool, this can create more work and wasted time. Application control also emerges as a crucial component of a healthy security setup.

Privileged Access Management and
Application Control.

Heimdal™ offers the world’s only option to run either or combine Privilege Access Management and Application Control. Your suite can be further expanded with cross-functional modules, strengthening the intelligence in the Privileges and Application Control and the other EPDR components, and unlocking new functional perks with each further module added.


Patch & Asset

Deployment, Vulnerability and Asset Management.

Anything­ Anywhere­ Anytime­

With HeimdalTM Patch & Asset Management, you can view and manage your software inventory and, at the same time, achieve preemptive vulnerability management. This scalable, flexible and intuitive solution can handle both Microsoft and 3rd party software on-the-fly, from anywhere in the world and according to any schedule.
With an intuitive, clean interface and comprehensive reports, you continuously have an overview of essential software, its security status and all the tools necessary to prove compliance. Everything in one place, with granular controls so you can act precisely.



This way, you ensure that:­

  • Your organization has a rapid deployment of security-critical patches and updates,
    for essential resilience against cyber threats.

  • The software critical to your organization’s smooth running (internal, 3rd party or
    Windows related) is managed from a unified, secure interface.

  • Administrators can install and update automatically or grant privileges to users to
    manage their own software securely, according to custom-built, flexible policies.

  • Vulnerability management is automated, providing actionable reports for risk

  • By automating this process and allowing a granular control over your software
    environment, your internal resources are free to focus on more pressing matters.


Ransomware Encryption

Advanced ransomware encryption blocking agent.
Hinder any malicious encryption process.
Adds to any Antivirus. Protect your investment.
Stop ransomware, start here.

Heimdal™’s Ransomware Encryption
Protection at a glance.

Ransomware Encryption Protection is a revolutionary signature-free module, ensuring market-leading detection and remediation of any ransomware strain, whether fileless or file-based. This module was engineered to be universally compatible with any antivirus. Ransomware Encryption Protection extends the functionality of your antivirus instead of displacing it.


Ransomware Encryption Protection
Full Technical Description

Take full control of every process running on your endpoint – the encryption protection is the only security solution on the market that can map out a previously unknown malicious activity and prevent it from DoS-ing your sensitive files.
The stunning graphic helps you understand where the ransomware originated and what it was trying to achieve. Heimdal™ Security’s anti-ransomware software has the lowest false-positive rate in the market on account of our Intelligence, which allows us to study malicious behavior in a safe environment. Reporting made easy – from the dashboard, you will be able to view the full details of a malicious encryption incident; this includes time states, tree diagrams with process callbacks, PowerShell scrips, computed MD5 hash, enumeration of read\write operation performed during encryption attempts, command-line arguments, the signature of malicious process, owner, and many more.

Ransomware Encryption Protection

Ransomware Encryption Protection supports
advanced event logging. Each encryption attempt
s classified according to MD5 hash, PID, process
callback, machine ID, and much more.
ERP (Ransomware Encryption Protection) severs
he attacks chain. REP’s can adapt in order to
eliminate both zero-day threats and altered
malicious code.

Powerful set-and-forget function – REP is
universally compatible with any antivirus, offering your network powerful HIPS\HIDS capabilities, detecting and resolving any APTs that may linger on your network.
Once you set up your Ransomware Encryption Protection, you don't need to worry about ransomware ever again, as any encryption attempts will be blocked by default.


Prevention - Endpoint

Working in tandem, DarkLayer GuardTM and VectorN DetectionTM are the proactive, code-autonomous tools fine-tuned to layer on top of other protective, code-detection based technologies.

Hunt, Prevent, Detect and Respond to
Endpoint Threats.

Enhanced with TTPC (Threat To Process Correlation), your organization gains the essential threat hunting tools to map out the security-critical points in your environment.
Now enhanced with Predictive DNS, a truly revolutionary AI & ML algorithm that is capable of predicting a domain is malicious before it will host any malicious content. The advanced neural networks and AI linguistic analysis are capable of achieving an unprecedented level of truly intelligent prevention.



The essential Host-Based Intrusion

Prevention System (HIPS)

The DarkLayer GuardTM is a unique 2-way traffic filtering engine that supports fully customizable
white/black listing.

With it, your organization can block network communication to mitigate Zero Hour exploits, Ransomware C&C’s, next-gen attacks and data leakages. Using our ground-breaking Threat To Process Correlation technology, we can identify attacking processes and provide HIPS capabilities for endpoints.


Code-autonomous detection to find threats unseen by NGAV and code scanners.

By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, VectorN DetectionTM will detect 2nd generation malware strains that no other product can see,
effectively delivering a HIDS at the machine traffic layer.

Using machine learning to establish compromise patters and offering indicators of compromise/ attack
(IOA/IOC), this is a unique add-on that will boost any other type of endpoint security.


Prevention - Network

This unparalleled DNS security solution enhances your protection against APTs, data leaks, ransomware and network malware.

Hunt, Prevent, Detect and Respond to Endpoint Threats.

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network uses Machine Learning on device-to-infrastructure communication to spot and stop attacks that firewalls can’t see, offering you an essential threat hunting tool to prevent attacks on your network.
Now enhanced with Predictive DNS, a truly revolutionary AI & ML algorithm that is capable of predicting a domain is malicious before it will host any malicious content. The advanced neural networks and AI linguistic analysis are capable of achieving an unprecedented level of truly intelligent prevention.


Block malicious web content

Over 22% of all new domains are created for illegal purposes. And it would be impossible for your users to know exactly which websites are completely safe.
For instance, malicious code can be often found in banners on entirely legitimate websites. But Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network blocks access to websites containing malicious code and to servers controlled by cybercriminals. Every day, we evaluate over 300,000 domains.

Prevent data leakage

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network also stops communications from any existing malware intrusions, avoiding data leaks by detecting and blocking malicious traffic initiated by threats such as APTs and ransomware.

Detect advanced malware

If Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network ever identifies an infection, we send you alerts for
every type of device that’s been infected, including PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices.

Fully secure your network at perimeterlevel with Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network.

Next-gen network security with added HIPS capabilities to stop threats before they infect your organization.

In recent years, traditional security products turned out to be highly inefficient in an ever-changing threat environment.


Unified Threat

Heimdal™ Unified Threat Dashboard (UTD) is a dynamic platform that constantly detects and tracks potential and existing security holes in your environment.

Featuring either a single, stand-alone Heimdal™ module, or our full range of state-of-the-art security tools, it holds unlimited potential for thorough cyber risk evaluations.

A holistic security approach. Real-time data.Clear, structured, and enhanced reporting.

Securely log in using 2FA and get accurate data and reports delivered in the intervals of
your choosing. The Heimdal™ UTD stores the entire history as long as you are our customer and will help you perform compliance audits and risk assessments. Coupled with weekly reports, data exports, email alerts and data drill down built in, Heimdal™ UTD offers a powerful and simple way to manage your environment. Choose your desired timeframe or get access to your complete lifetime history. Data is graphed and scaled daily, weekly or monthly and can be integrated into SIEM via API.


The Heimdal™ Dashboard

Helps you get a customizable visual depiction of your data and it allows you to understand exactly what happens in your network and supports you to easily detect, avoid, and anticipate cyber threats. With Heimdal™, visualizing data is easy and flexible. You can filter it as needed, so you can view essential information in a manner that works best for you. By finding trends, recognizing patterns, and keeping track of essential details, the Heimdal™ UTD enables you to make perfect sense of your data. It reduces the time spent with reviewing details, decreases the possibility of overlooking crucial aspects, and supports you to take immediate action.

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